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Girls With Guns

Format: 1 DVD
Cat. no: TCD048
Availability: In Stock
Language: International
Duration: 130 minutes
Girls: Renee Richards, Casey Jo, Katie Lee, Carla Cox, Carmel Moore, Shay Hendrix, Anna.


Renee Richards

Casey Jo

Katie Lee

Carla Cox

Carmel Moore

Shay Hendrix

Girls With Guns
Stunning girls with a lot of firepower! Girls With Guns does exactly what it says on the tin. Each scene starts with an action sequence with the girls blasting their way to victory and continues into a lustful, sensuous, sex scene. This series has Summer Blockbuster written all over it with action you can't miss! These girls will blow you away!
The Rescue
Two armed men are beating the crap out of Kieran and he's in need of a hero. Renee Richards bursts in guns blazing and a spectacular acrobatic fight ensues, Jon Woo would be proud of the action and we're sure he'd love the sex that follows.
Strip Club Slaughter
Foxy pole dancer Casey Jo spins and writhes for her audience. Little do they know she's an assassin and they're her target. Her fellow assassin Jay, undercover as a waiter, joins her in a messy, bullet flying, bloodbath. So turned on by their actions they can't help but get it on right there and then!
Escape From Bitch Mountaint
Two scantily clad girls run for their life, through corridors and out onto a roof. There they make their stand and blow these bad guys away. Sex and violence has always gone together and the two girls get deep down and dirty on a mattress among the rubbish.
Attack of The Killer Bikini Vampire Girls
A club filled with raving vampires, a pumping soundtrack and a slayer with a shit load of weapons! It's all going down, and vamps get blown this way and that! But a final confrontation leads to a bite that seduces our slayer to the dark side and into a sexy 3 way infront of the others.
Behind Enemy Thighs
The big final blowout! The final act! Two soldiers are trapped with enemies coming from both sides; they're out of bullets, who's going to save them!!?? Step in Carmel Moore, in ripped military attire, to show the enemy who really carries the big guns! She gets it on with one of our boys back at base camp.

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Girls With Guns
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Girls With Guns
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Girls With Guns
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Girls With Guns
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